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Upholstered furniture and mattress adhesives

Specific adhesives for gluing polyurethanes, even with slow memory, and fabrics or felt used in the production of different types of mattresses and padded.

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Products description

AQUAGUM® TWO-component 

Totally solvent-free  two-component water-based spray adhesive to be used with its catalyst. Very good heat resistance. Excellent yield. Immediate initial curing with open time of up to approx. 30 min. Spraying on two sides or on one side only in case of not challenging bonding. Specifically designed for all types of gluing of polyurethane foam, fabrics, wadding, cotton wool, wood and polystyrene in the upholstered furniture and mattress manufacturing industries.
Colour: light blue or white. Numerous versions of AQUAGUM® are available.

AQUAGUM® one-component

Totally solvent-free,
one-component water based spray adhesive, specifically designed for all types of gluing in the upholstered furniture and mattress manufacturing industries. The product can be used with a normal spray gun for water based adhesives.
Times and working systems are similar to those for solvent based adhesives.


Water based-adhesive, one component, application by roller machine.
Totally solvent-free. Suitable for all types of gluing, application by rollers, like in mattress and cushions manufacturing. When specific catalyst is added, the bonding is significantly quicker.

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