Frabo Adesivi offers its customers specific packaging to meet every type of request.

Plastic container

The Plastic bottle is suitable for manual application.
The best results are obtained with synthetic bristle brushes.

Bag in box rigid bag

Cardboard box with inner plastic liner is used with spray guns (automatic or manual line) in free-flowing system or under-pressure tank.

Bag in box soft bag

Cardoboard box with inner liner.
It is used exclusively in under-pressure tanks.

HDPE cans

Packaging in cans is the most practical solution for pouring the product into pressure vessels.

Plastic drumsa

The plastic drum is the most suitable packaging for diaphragm pump systems.

Cardboard Tote

The Cardboard Tote with a multilayer inner liner is the ideal solution for automatic roller (drop-in method) and spray coating systems.

Intermediate Bulk Container – Water (IBC)

The IBC tank is used for pump systems.

Intermediate Bulk Container – Solvent (IBC)

The IBC tank is used for pump systems.

Tins and jerricans for solvent-based adhesives

Stainless steel tins and jerricans are widely used for all manual applications.
According to viscosity you can apply the adhesive spray, spatula, roll and brush.

Metal drums for solvent-based adhesives

Metal drums are the most suitable packaging for solvent-based adhesives.
They are suitable for all manual spray, spatula and brush, roller and spray gluing.