Our team

A capable and responsible working group that every day works for the company’s success.

Mario Fratoni
Mario FratoniCEO
Rossana Fratoni
Rossana FratoniInternational sales manager
Patrizia Fratoni
Patrizia Fratoni Administrative manager
Claudia Casaglia
Claudia CasagliaDomestic sales manager
Riccardo Bassi
Riccardo Bassi Technical sales manager upholstery expert
Massimiliano Martinelli
Massimiliano MartinelliTechnical sales manager shoes and leather goods expert
Giulia Vergani
Giulia VerganiBusiness development
Valentina Lissoni
Valentina LissoniDomestic sales assistant manager
Susanna Pozzoli
Susanna Pozzoli Accounting manager
Matteo Fratoni
Matteo FratoniAccounting clerk
Massimo Cavallo
Massimo CavalloFront office international sales
Edoardo Defendi
Edoardo DefendiFront office domestic sales
Danilo Scotti
Danilo ScottiBack office
Pietro Grosso
Pietro GrossoReceptionist
Sergio Denti
Sergio Denti R&D manager
Stefano Pattarello
Stefano PattarelloLaboratory manager product manager WBA
Sebastian Di Grandi
Sebastian Di GrandiSenior lab technician
Stefano Vergani
Stefano VerganiPurchasing manager
Salvatore Cataudella
Salvatore CataudellaProduction manager solvent adhesives
Giulio Cappuccini
Giulio CappucciniWarehouse manager
Davide Nava
Davide NavaProduction manager water based adhesives
Simone Strinati
Simone StrinatiPlant manager product manager SB
Federico Paglia
Federico PagliaLab techinician