Our team

A capable and responsible working group that every day works for the company’s success.

Mario Fratoni
Mario FratoniCEO
Member Chairman of the Board of Directors.
He oversees the management and the proper functioning of the Company, personally taking care of many organizational tasks. Responsible for the Quality Area.
In Frabo since 1986
Rossana Fratoni
Rossana FratoniHead of international sales
Particular care is taken of the commercial aspects relating to the sale of products abroad, including direct contacts with customers. It also deals with the purchase of raw materials. In Frabo since 1977
Patrizia Fratoni
Patrizia Fratoni Account manager
Member of the Board of Directors, Head of Administration and Billing. In Frabo of 1982
Lionello Arrigoni
Lionello ArrigoniSales supervisor
He follows and deals with technical/commercial problems
of the upholstered furniture sector/mattresses. Directly follows the clientele above all regarding the technical aspects. In Frabo since 1994
Mario Martinelli
Mario Martinelli Technical sales supervisor
Footwear and leather goods.
Technician with extensive experience in the sector. Coordinates the entire sales network of agents throughout the country. He follows and deals with technical/commercial problems
of the footwear sector.
Riccardo Bassi
Riccardo Bassi Technical sales advisor
He deals with sales and technical aspects for the padded and nautical furniture sector in Italy and abroad. In Frabo since 2003.
Claudia Casaglia
Claudia CasagliaHead of sales
Commercial manager. It deals with all the commercial and administrative problems concerning customers and sales agents. It also takes care of promotional / advertising aspects.
In Frabo since 1999.
Giulia Vergani
Giulia VerganiBusiness development executive
She deals with sales and technical aspects for the footwear / leather goods sector in Italy and abroad
Irene Fasolo
Irene FasoloBack office Italy
Work closely with the sales manager, receive
and draws up orders from customers and the sales network
Danilo Scotti
Danilo ScottiBack office
It follows the tasks with external institutions, banks and post offices.
Pietro Grosso
Pietro GrossoDesk clerk
Susanna Pozzoli
Susanna Pozzoli Administrative supervisor
In addition to the fiscal aspects and the balance sheet, it follows the management of the banks and of the accounts Customers / Suppliers.
In Frabo since 2002
Valentina Lissoni
Valentina LissoniAdministration and commercial officer Italy
Administration office
Matteo Fratoni
Matteo FratoniAdministration
Accounting clerk
Massimiliano Martinelli
Massimiliano MartinelliSolvent-based products manager
He is specifically in charge of the footwear and leather goods sector
Sergio Denti
Sergio Denti R & D supervisor
Responsible for research and development of products in aqueous dispersion
This is followed by technical assistance from customers.
Stefano Pattarello
Stefano PattarelloLaboratory manager and water-based products manager
Following is research and product development in water dispersion in close collaboration with Mr. Sergio Denti
Sebastian Di Grandi
Sebastian Di GrandiLab technician
The quality control of finished products based on solvent and water and raw materials follows.
Stefano Vergani
Stefano VerganiH & S Officer
Laboratory worker,
responsible for S.S.P. and security
Salvatore Cataudella
Salvatore CataudellaProduction Supervisor SBA
The organization and planning of the production and packaging of the solvent-based department follows.
Davide Nava
Davide NavaProduction Supervisor WBA
The organization and planning of the production and packaging of the water-based department follows.
Giulio Capuccini
Giulio CapucciniWarehouse supervisor
The organization of logistics and finished product shipments follows.