Sixty years of research in industrial bonding technologies

Frabo Adesivi has invested significant human and financial resources in introducing water-based adhesives in Italy. It is a leading company that has been innovating since 1957 with constantly evolving technologies and products, customized services, and technical support for customers. A daily commitment in respect of human beings and nature.

CR Free, chlorine-free adhesives

CR-Free is a two-component water-based adhesive specifically designed for bonding polyester and polyurethane foam to themselves, wood, fabrics, felt, wadding, fiberglass, and similar materials.
The CR Free product line is developed for the production and packaging of mattresses, as well as for all processes in the production of upholstered furniture and expanded resin transformers.
These adhesives are free of polychloroprene (neoprene), organic solvents (VOCs), and halogenated organic compounds. The CR-Free technology meets the demand for chlorine-free, chloroprene-free, and derivative-free materials in compliance with the circular economy and guarantees excellent performance.
The products are known for their good open time, strong initial tack, and superior thermal resistance of over +100°C.

Aquagum NO FOG drastically reduces dust dispersion

FraboAdesivi has developed a new innovative product, Aquagum NoFog, which drastically reduces dust dispersion, increases bonding precision, and eliminates waste.
Aquagum NoFog keeps the work environment clean and ensures unparalleled bonding quality with maximum operating efficiency.

Aquagum, water-based product line

Frabo Adesivi has put great effort into introducing water-based adhesives in Italy. A leading company that has been renewing itself since 1957 with continuously evolving technologies and products, personalized services, and technical support for customers. A daily commitment to respect for humans and nature.

Frabo Adesivi product brands

Since 1957, Frabo Adesivi has created many product lines for specific industrial applications.