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The economic boom of the '50s brought Italy and Italians to levels of employment and access to the market for consumer goods never before achieved. Opportunities for economic and industrial growth are not only offered to large groups, even daring and willing young people can use them.



This is how Adriano Fratoni founded in 1957, the same year in which FIAT launched the 500, the Frabo Industria Chimica Adesivi that with a staff of five employees and a structure not exactly adequate bets on the Brianza market. Initially a collaborator of the numerous furniture factories in the area, she immediately approached the [...]



In 1963, in tune with the improvement of living standards of the Italian population, Frabo consolidated its growth with the establishment of a new production structure. The Carugate (MI) plant, the result of a new conception of the industry, reveals its height and guarantees the opportunity to remain at the forefront of the adhesive market. [...]



Within a few years Frabo is now a consolidated reality in Italy and, Frabo in '67, starts to conquer the international market. In a short time, activities abroad absorb more than 30% of production.



The big wave of the economic boom is now falling and companies, if they want to continue to be competitive, have to bet on new technologies. FIAT puts an end to the production of the 500 and in France the first supersonic aircraft, the Concorde, rises in flight. Frabo does not remain displaced by the [...]



In 1990, thanks to intense internal research, Frabo launches the new AQUAGUM product range, two-component adhesives in water dispersion with total absence of solvents and non-flammable. AQUAGUM adhesives soon became the point of reference for the entire market and Frabo also deals with providing a wide range of production systems for the application of new [...]



The need for limited environmental impact and European safety certifications leads Frabo to make a further leap in quality in the year of the birth of the euro. In 1999, Frabo is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9002 standards and becomes a joint-stock company, Frabo Adesivi SpA. The new structure allows it to [...]



In 2006 Italy is on the top of the world, the national football team wins the World Cup in Germany after twenty-two years of fasting and Frabo celebrates this success reaching a new and prestigious goal. First, on the national market, the commercialization of an innovative mono-component water-based adhesive that guarantees the same performance of [...]


Creation of a cryogenic plant for fume supression

Frabo Adesivi Spa, in an optic of respect and protection of the environment, has created a cryogenic plant for fume supression. The plant was created by a sector leader company from Monza, which together with Frabo Adesivi represents once again the Made in Italy with the guarantee of quality.


We use clean energy

Solar panels for solar energy production have been installed in the plant: currently most of the energy used to produce our glues derives from this environmentally compatible production. The Frabo Adesivi products are more and more friends of the environment.